Webcom Announces New Power Technology Brand, Sets Dates for Key Solutions Guides 

New Power Technology is now the brand of Webcom Communications for its media platform serving the markets for sustainable and reduced or zero-emission power technology. “This change represents an important recognition of our expansion and overall service to these rapidly growing communities, as initiated by our previous brand, e-Power Technology,” said Scott Webster, director of content and sales for Webcom. 

A key factor, he noted, is to reflect that hydrogen and fuel cell solutions, along with other breakthroughs in power technologies, today are reaching broadly beyond just electrification and e-mobility markets as the world races to improve in the areas of sustainability, striving for greater adoption of reduced or zero-emission technologies. Hydrogen, for example, is rapidly gaining acceptance as an internal combustion fuel and in Power-to-X applications with important sustainability attributes that contribute to these objectives. Other areas such as superconductivity and fusion are growing in importance, while the applications for e-powertrain and electrification manufacturing are expanding robustly amidst an intense transformation in power solutions and technologies, he said. Our focus continues to be in providing actionable information for product and system developers embracing and exploring these new technologies, seeking new solutions to apply to their efforts. 

One aspect of the brand expansion is that Webcom will publish the 2024 e-Power Technology Sourcebook & Technical Review in March 2024, serving particularly the market for e-powertrain manufacturing including coil winding and e-mobility manufacturing solutions. Also, it will publish spring and fall editions of its Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology Report in 2024. For more info, see www.NewPowerTechnology.com