AAM Creates Versatile Electrification Platform for Auto & Truck Manufacturers with Configurable Motors, EDUs & e-Beam Technology 

Electric drive units from AAM can be configured with either permanent-magnet or induction motors. 

Tier-1 automotive supplier American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) has built a versatile, configurable platform for auto and truck manufacturers to employ in electrifying their model lineups. The electric drive units incorporate permanent-magnet or induction motors with power up to 800V and can be fully integrated with the company’s e-Beam Axles. AAM’s 3-in-1 e-Drive technology features an integrated motor, inverter and gearbox into a single assembly for advantages in packaging, performance and simplified integration. 

e-Beam Technology from AAM is designed to be the next generation of front and rear e-Beam axles integrating the company’s 3-in-1 high-speed electric drive units (EDUs). This image depicts a light-duty pickup truck, built entirely by AAM engineers from a production internal combustion engine platform, featuring a single 150kW EDU driving the front wheels and a 425kW e-Beam in the rear. 

“As the industry continues to transition to hybrid and electrified vehicles, we are proud of the products and technologies our engineers are developing. We are in a great position to provide OEMs with a full portfolio of products from EV components to fully electric drive systems,” noted David Dauch, CEO, at this year’s CES show where AAM showcased its platform approach. 

On display was the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S E Performance – AMG’s first plug-in hybrid electric vehicle featuring AAM’s electric driveline technology that supplies the performance car’s rear-mounted electric drive unit and features an electromechanical actuated two-speed gearbox and electromechanical controlled limited slip differential. Located on the rear axle, the EDU is the first volume production application combining a mechanical, all-wheel drive system with a two-speed electric drive module. The P3 system layout, with the electric motor on the rear axle, optimizes the weight distribution and increases the total output torque, compared to a transmission-mounted electric motor. 

One auto manufacturer committed to applying the platform is Stellantis. AAM is supplying its e-Beam axles for a future EV program at Stellantis expected to begin production in the latter part of the decade. It will utilize both front and rear e-Beam axles that include AAM’s integrated 3-in-1 e-Drive technology. For more info, see www.aam.com