Infineon and HD Korea to Jointly Develop Propulsion for Ship Electrification 

Concept design of liquid hydrogen carrier that Hyundai’s ship building unit plans to develop by 2025 

Semiconductor company Infineon Technologies and HD Korea Shipbuilding & Offshore Engineering Co. Ltd.  have signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding as a first step towards jointly developing emerging applications for the electrification of marine engines and machinery using energy-efficient power semiconductor technology. 

HD KSOE, a marine pioneer and global leader in ship building, is already focusing on creating eco-friendly decarbonized ship technology that uses electricity and hydrogen. A unit of Hyundai Heavy Industries which is the world’s largest shipbuilder, the company will now cooperate with Infineon to create innovative power solutions for propulsion drive technology, a core element for ship electrification. Power semiconductors from Infineon can be a key factor in maritime applications for precise control of multiple power modules such as large-capacity propulsion drives. 

Infineon will provide HD KSOE with technical assistance and mentoring in semiconductor power modules and system solutions, as well as share information on new semiconductor trends for marine applications. With the partnership HD KSOE aims to enhance reliability and performance of propulsion drive technology for marine vessels, contributing to environmental sustainability through the electrification of ships. 

Worldwide, maritime transport is responsible for almost 2.5 percent of total greenhouse gas emissions, according to the International Maritime Organization. It produces one billion tons of CO 2 each year. The transition to electric ships is seen as imperative to mitigate the environmental impact of maritime transportation.  

Peter Wawer, President Green Industrial Power, Infineon 

“At Infineon we are providing the technologies needed in today’s world of transportation to drive electrification that will shape the future of mobility,” said Dr. Peter Wawer, Division President Green Industrial Power at Infineon. “We are excited to work closely together with HD KSOE to develop clean, safe and smart mobility solutions. This way, we contribute to a more sustainable marine engine ecosystem and drive the decarbonization of shipping.” 

“We are pleased to sign an MoU with Infineon, which underpins our innovation efforts to become a leader in ship electrification technology,” said Chang Kwang-pil, Chief Technology Officer of HD KSOE. “Together, we will combine our strengths to create energy-efficient power solutions for CO2-friendly propulsion drives.” 

Sungjoon Kim, Head of KSOE’s Advanced Research Center, presented the maritime hydrogen value chain as a solution to the energy crisis and climate change, in a presentation at CES 2022. He suggested the green hydrogen production technology and liquid hydrogen carrier as core technologies that will increase the possibility of the marine hydrogen business, announcing that HHI Group plans to build a 100MW green hydrogen production plant and develop the world’s first 20,000 cubic meter hydrogen carrier by 2025.