Inductive Couplers from Premo Sniff for Problems in EV High-Voltage Systems 

Sniffing out problems and key performance factors in high-voltage EV systems

Electric vehicles present unique challenges when it comes to monitoring their high-voltage systems. This is where sniffing applications come in. Sniffing involves the use of inductive couplers to measure the current and voltage signals on high-voltage cables without the need for direct contact with the cables themselves. The non-intrusive method of monitoring can be critical for ensuring the safe and efficient operation of EVs. 

Sniffing applications are important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, they allow for real-time monitoring of the high-voltage system, providing valuable insights into its performance and safety. Secondly, they can help identify potential issues before they become serious problems, allowing for timely maintenance and repair. Finally, they can be used to gather data for research and development purposes, helping to improve the overall performance and efficiency of EVs. 

One company addressing the matter is Grupo Premo of Spain, a manufacturer of inductive and other magnetic components based in Malaga, whose MICU 300A-S/LF series of inductive couplers are designed specifically for EV sniffing. The couplers provide an extended frequency range and minimal insertion loss providing combined narrow-band (30-600kHz) and broadband (2MHz-40MHz). 

Premo’s sniffer couplers provide non-intrusive monitoring of high-voltage EV electronics

“We are thrilled to launch our innovative line of inductive couplers for electric vehicle sniffing applications,” said Jordi Mestre, CTO. “As the world shifts towards sustainable transportation, we are committed to providing high-quality solutions that support the safe and efficient operation of electric vehicles, suitable for different markets: European, American and Asian.” 

Innovative core material and over-molded insulation material reach high voltage protection up to 5kV and the latest EV charging quality standards such as HomePlug and V2G, making them suitable for listen Combined Charging System communication protocol between a charging station and an electric vehicle. Premo engineers have designed waterproof versions for outdoors use.