MAHLE SmartBike launches System X30 with New Hub Motor 

MAHLE SmartBike Systems, the e-bike company of automotive component supplier MAHLE, has launched its new X30 drive system. The highlight is a new permanent-magnet hub motor designed for high torque and light weight. The full system consists of motor, battery, human machine Interface and other components that extend the company’s X-Series platform. 

New X30 motor weighs only 1.9 kg 

The new hub motor is designed to provide great performance on any terrain with a 45 Nm torque compared to a mid-drive motor and weighs just 1.9kg. It sets a new standard for hub motors and has once again revolutionized the market for lightweight eBike systems, says MAHLE. 

The system is suitable for all riders, whether on the road, in the city or on tracks, even for kids eBikes. It combines lightweight innovation with robust versatility, providing individual support for diverse riding conditions and significantly improving the riding experience while compatible with all the components, accessories and digital environment of the MAHLE X20 system. New motor, same ecosystem is the key. 

The design of the rear hub motor allows for system synergy as a result of lower energy losses, increasing energy efficiency by 15% compared with a mid-drive motor, allowing the user’s activity to be extended in an environmentally friendly way up to a distance of almost 190 km. The versatility provided by the X Series platform allows bicycle brands to build ebikes with a pedal assist sensor or with a cadence and torque sensor, creating different riding experiences. 


One of the innovations of the new system is that the installation of the torque sensor allows for a much more precise watt analysis, enabling the motor to respond to the rider’s needs. Together with AI and machine learning, the ebike learns from the rider’s behavior and adapts to both riders and their environment. The launch of the new system is associated with OEM partners in the bike industry such as Bianchi in road, Husqvarna and Stevens, among others. For more info, see