Custom E-Blasts

Send your own custom email message to our audience. Perfect for new product and service promotions, introducing your company, lead generation and prospecting. Basically, you send us your message and we take care of the rest. You select the size of audience that you want to have your message delivered to, and tell us when you want it broadcast. Then you receive a comprehensive delivery report tracking its success. The report includes critical details such as Open Rate, Time Spent on Message, Click-throughs, Geographic Counts, etc.


1 to 4,999 contacts$450 per thousand ($0.45 per name)
5,000 to 9,999 contacts$400 per thousand ($0.40 per name)
10,000 to 29,999 contacts$300 per thousand ($0.30 per name)
30,000 to 50,000 contacts$250 per thousand ($0.25 per name)

There is a minimum order amount of $1,000, which is equivalent to 2,222 names.

How it Works:

1. Place your order at least one week in advance of broadcast date.

2. Send us your text or HTML file at least one week in advance of broadcast date. We will send you a test delivery to assure that it appears as you expected.

3. You will receive your Delivery Report one week after the broadcast.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I try a small quantity first, then purchase a larger blast later? Absolutely. We will keep track of the contacts in your initial order. When you proceed with a subsequent order, we can include new contacts-only, if you wish.

I do not want my competitors to receive my message. Can they be eliminated? Yes, you can provide us company names that you want blocked. Note that due to variations and similarities in company names the success of this is not guaranteed, however, it is usually highly successful in suppressing the number of deliveries to certain companies.

What about our Unsubscribes or Opt-Out list? If you have a list of Unsubscribes or Opt-outs from previous e-marketing, you should send us this list when you submit your message. We will purge any of these contacts from the delivery list.

Can you assist with creation of my message? Yes, for a reasonable fee, typically about $100. You will receive a firm quote up front, for your authorization before proceeding. Allow three business days for this process.

Can I broadcast to the same population more than once? Absolutely, in fact we recommend it to optimize your results.

What is the maximum count that I can broadcast to?  Broadcasts are limited to 20,000 names at a time. Our audience counts are much higher, typically on the order of 50,000 to 100,000 contacts, in any particular market.

Can I select geographically? You can go global, or North America, or by region in North America such as West, East, Southeast, Midcontinent or Midwest.

How many people will actually read my message? Open rates typically range between 20% and 35% for a promotional email delivery. Many factors are involved. Message content, subject line, time of delivery and list quality are usually the most critical factors. To maximize your success, keep your message short and informative. We will take care of the rest.