ZeroAvia Pockets Commitment for 100 H2-Electric Engines from American Airlines, Plans to Sell Components to Other e-Aviation Developers 

American Airlines has entered into a conditional purchase agreement with clean aviation innovator ZeroAvia for 100 hydrogen-electric engines intended to power regional jet aircraft – and increased its investment into the company. Meanwhile, ZeroAvia has opened a new manufacturing center in Everett, Washington and unveiled plans to sell its propulsion components to other clean-aviation developers. Some may fit for other applications such as UAVs, marine and ground vehicles. […]


Rolls-Royce Unveils Hybrid Drive System for Tanks 

Thinking about a hybrid-electric vehicle, most people probably envision a Toyota Prius but propulsion engineers at Rolls-Royce take a broader, heavier view. The company’s Power Systems division is expanding its mtu engine program for military land vehicles to include a hybrid powerpack for special tactical requirements and a 10-cylinder, over 1.100 kW power output, version of the mtu Series 199 which has been extremely successful with NATO forces. Both concepts were premiered at the Eurosatory defense trade fair in Paris in June. […]


Tech Tips: From desktop simulation to motor drive testing 

By Dr.-Ing. Christoph Hahn, Head of Technical Marketing, Speedgoat GmbH

Designing electric motor controls and testing embedded controllers for motor drives is time-consuming, and tests with rotating components and under high-voltage conditions are potentially dangerous. Testing intelligently using digital twins allows for a safe testing environment that not only prevents equipment damage but also personal injury. Furthermore, it provides a continuous workflow across all test phases within a single platform. Development thus becomes faster and more innovative, and errors can be detected early on. […]